Tramore "Premier" Litter - Whelped 5/3/13 

Larkin is the proud mother of 7 boys, 4 girls!

 Sire:   Gch. Pompeii's Good And Plenty 

Patrick is a very lovely, fine moving dog who has also produced some wonderful, winning puppies. We expect this litter to be every bit as good. He was Reserve Winners Dog, at the 2nd Pennsylvania National. Best of all he has a lovely temperament and a joy to live with. SR468404/03 IR10956G30M-VPI (Hips) IR-001029 (Clad) IR-002244 (PRA) IR-EL431N24-VPI (Elbows) IR-TH257/23M-VPI

Dam:  Gch. Tramore Abbleylane Unlimited 


Larkin is from a litter that finished four. One more only needed a major until his unfortunate accidental death. This should be a lovely litter and both dogs compliment each other. SR561557/02 IR-DNA-251/B (DNA) IR-11390G36-VPI (elbows) IR-11390G36-VPI (hips) IR-002327 (PRA) Thyroid- Equivocal

Click here for the Puppies pedigree.

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These photos were taken today.  We did Lt. pink girl, Maroon boy,
Black Boy, and Blue Boy yesterday, and they had "had" it, so the 
photos weren't very good.  We will get more Sat.  Joan and I are
rotating the pups between our homes.  Sorry.