We've had many fine dogs over the years, and some with more wins, but the following are the ones that either lived with us, or dogs that we co-owned and showed (were like family), or play a continuing role in our current pedigrees.  We've loved them all and remember, to this day, all the little things that made them so special.  It's been such a wonderful journey, and one after almost 40 years that we hate to give up.  One day reality will set in, and we will have to stop, but for the time being, enjoy our "journey" and some of the dogs that have been so much a part of it. 

Bo-Cham's Whisper of Tramore "Sunny"

August 18, 1972 - April 1985

Our foundation bitch, Sunny, was a linebred Ch. Shannon's Erin granddaughter.  We were novice, very intense, and she really didn't like the show ring.  She had a few points, but when bred twice, produced all the dogs that we have today.  Flannery and Couldn't Resist are in all of my pedigrees.  When bred her first time, I took the advice of all the books, and linebred her to a  double Ch. Shannon's Erin grandson.  That litter and Flannery probably had more "Erin in them" then any other dogs in the country at that time.  Sunny had a certain spirit which carries on today.

Sire:  Ch. Bo-Cham's Kilkenny
Dam:  Ch. Sunshine Colleen

May 6, 1974 - May 1986

Flannery was my heart and soul.  She was my beginning in the dog show world, and we loved her head, body, and winning ways.  She won "in spite of me" a very novice handler.  She had many nice wins, but the most special was at our huge 1976 shows here in Colorado, our Bi-Centenial.  She was the only bitch to win points twice at these shows.  She beat 50 bitches, one day for only a 4 point major!  She produced 7 champions, but because one was not a "Champion of Record", because of paper work, she did not receive her ROM.  I've had many wonderful dogs that I loved dearly afterwards, but nothing compared to Flannery in my heart.

Sire:  Ch. Kilgary Aman
Dam: Bo-Cham's Whisper of Tramore

Ch. Tramore Flannery "Flannery"

Ch. Tramore Couldn't Resist "Chastity"