Dogs We've Bred or Co-Bred

Dogs we've bred or co-bred listed by Litter letter or theme.
On some co-bred litters, we will merely put a link to the co-breeder's web site.
In all cases, click the name, to see more information on that dog.

Tramore "S" Litter 3/28/15

CH. Tramore Standing Ovation  "Carson"

Tramore  Special Shipment  "Cargo"

Tramore  Summer Stock on Phinney Green  "Summer"

Tramore  Still Honor  "Marlie" 

Tramore "R" Litter 6/15/14

Tramore Red Revolver  "Dexter"

Tramore Rabbit Run  "Billy"

Tramore Rapid Transit  "Deaglan"

Tramore  River of Rememberance   "Tribute"

Tramore Red Karma   "Karma"

Tramore R Lady Phlirts with Phyre   "Phlirt"

Tramore Remembrance   "Remy"

Tramore Red Star  "Lucy"

Tramore Red Feather   "Regie"

Tramore Risky Business  "Ginger"

Tramore  Repeat Performance   "Gunner"

Tramore  R U Watching Me  "Reegen"

Ch. Tramore Regardless  "Stuart"

Tramore Premier Litter 5/3/13

           CH.  Tramore Premiere On Phinney Green   "Phineas" 

           CH.  Tramore Premier Emancipation Proclamation  "Lincoln"

            CH.  Tramore Premier Flight  "Wyatt"

           Can. CH.  Tramore Premier Canadian  "Denver"

           CH. Tramore Premier Performance, RL1, Rl1X, W-FD/MF, W-FD/HTM   "Cian"

            Tramore Premier Premier Dreamer  "Joey"

            Tramore Premier Strong Heart  "Coop"

            Tramore Premier Lillies of the Field  "Lily"

            CH. Tramore Premier Duet  "Duet"

            Tramore Premier Shelby  "Shelby"

            Tramore Premier        "Stella"


Tramore "O" Litter - 9/4/10

         GCH.  Tramore Oh So Couture  "Coco"

         CH.  Tramore Outrageous JH "Sarah"

         Tramore Oh My What A Guy  "Dmitry"

         CH.  Tramore On Call  "Beeper"

         CGC. Tramore Onora Rose  "Rosie"

         Tramore  Only Heaven Knows  "Meaghan"

         The rest of the gang - Tipper, Gus, Sofie, Gus, and Annie