About Us

For the last 31 years we've lived at our present location in Evergreen, Colorado.  We put on a "dog" edition 10 years ago, which makes my "dog life" much easier.  We have radiant heat in the floors, large indoor/outdoor runs, and my office where the dogs spend most of their time on my couch or chairs.  They rarely spend time in the true kennel, but the runs are there for when I need them....puppies, co-owned dogs to show, or just giving them a break from my mountain, which is an acre fenced with lots of up and down, and LOTS of distractions like visiting Elk, Deer, Squirrels, and Minature Donkeys that belong to our good neighboors.  On occasions it becomes chaos, but the dogs get lots of excercise and have a very enjoyable time.......for a while, then they are asked to come back into the house!!