Ch. Galewinns Tramore Unassuming Grace "Rio"

Since I'm trying to keep the number of dogs
I keep "down", I decided to co-own Rio
with Pam Gale rather then take a puppy
myself.  This litter of Marks/Journey is 
lovely, and although bred more for "bird
sense" it is proving to be very ex-
ceptional in the show ring.  Click on Rio's
photo to see more on the Galewinns 
web site.

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Can. Ch. Tramore Abbeylane To The Limit "Daisy"

Can. Ch. Tramore Abbeylane To The Limit, Daisy, is co-own with Larry Mosgrove in Canada.  She finished her Canadian Ch. quickly and will get her US after her first litter of puppies.

Can. Ch. Tramore Abbeylane To The Limit, Daisy, is co-own with Larry Mosgrove in Canada. She finished her Canadian Ch. quickly and will get her US after her first litter of puppies.

GCh. Tramore Abbeylane Unlimited

(Ch. Tramore Galewinns Mak'n An Impact ex Ch. Tramore Limited Edition)
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Larkin is from a litter sired by our Pierce ex Lexi, Ch. Tramore Limited Edition, and co-bred with Dale Michaelson in Olympia, Washington.   She lives with Joan Watson and her daughter Sarah, who has Larkin's litter sister, Ahka (meaning "red" in Japanese).  I am on as co-owner primarily to show Larkin, but Joan is getting so good at the "show stuff" herself, that she may eventually want to do it.  Who knows, maybe we'll just co-share the showing!!   Larkin went to the 2010 National and did very well.  She was made the cut  in the 12-15 Sweeps class, and was 2nd  in the 12-18 regular class.  She's starting to relax and enjoy herself.  We think she'll do well.   Click here for Larkin's pedigree.

                IR-251/B  (DNA Data Bank)
                IR-11390G36F-VPI  Hips
                IR-EL538F36-VPI  Elbows
                Clad-IR001127    Clad 
                IR-002327   PRA

Ch. Tramore Shabby Chic "Jade"

(Ch. Waterford Show Off ex Ch. Tramore Hazy Hot N' Humid)

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"Jade" is co-owned with Ginger Black, who also owns Jade's dam, Regan.  Since Ginger and I weren't in a position to breed Regan at the time, and Paula Sadler, Waterford, was interested in leasing her to breed to Ch. Waterford Show Off, we decided to go ahead and do just that.  Jade is the puppy Ginger decided to take and I now co-own.   She did quite well at the Arizona National, and went on to take "back to back" majors in Texas, and finished, quite easily, in tough Southern California competition.   Click here to see Jade's pedigree.

GCH. Tramore Limited Edition "Lexi"

(Ch. Tramore Category III ex Ch. Tramore Hand Picked)
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Lexi is co-owned with Dale Michaelson and we are so glad she is.  Dale has done a wonderful job of showing and promoting Lexi, including a Best of Breed & Group II which she put on herself.  Lexi has had some very nice wins, including winning the Open bitch class at the Arizona National,  and some very nice Breed wins over some top Specials.  Best of all she bred Lexi to our Pierce, and has produced some very nice puppies.  Kristopher has taken points 4 of his first 6 shows, a Best In Sweeps, and Best of Breed over some top Specials at only 7 months.  We think the future looks very bright indeed.  Lexi is from our March 18, 2006 Litter (look for Yellow girl).  IR-11221E59-VPI (hips)

Ch. Tramore Keepin' On Galewinns

(Ch. Galewinn's Spirit of Tramore ex Ch. Tramore Hidden Assets)
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Journey is co-owned with Pam Gale and was always too busy to get a very good show photo.  Still, she finished fairly fast, and is a beautifully structured bitch, as well has having beautiful side movement. She is from our June 4, 2005 Litter (look for Red Girl) and is a full sister to our Wylie.   We didn't know she was "birdy" until Pam entered her in the ISC America's Hunt Test and Trial which we hosted here in Colorado.  She did such a fabulous job that she was awarded  a perfect score of all 10's.  So many people said we should go ahead and do "more" with her.  She started late (2 1/2) but has gotten her JH, and when bred to Dual Ch. Pompei's Look Who's Here, Marx, has produced love beautiful and birdy pups.  Hopefully our next generation of "birdy" dogs.   See the Galewinns site for many more photos of Journey and her pups. 

Regan is co-owned with Ginger Black who origionally lived in Washington D. C.  Think that had something to do with her name!  She is from our May 7, 2002 litter (look for yellow-green girl) and is a full sister to Rosie, Heidi, Tara and Sam.   Eventually she came to Colorado, and I was lucky enough to show her.  She finished readily and has that same easy going, smooth, correct side gait.  When bred to Ch. Waterford Show Off, she produced several very nice kids, some of whom are only starting.  Regan is OFA Good, Thyroid Normal, and from PRA & Clad clear stock. 

Ch. Tramore Hazy Hot N' Humid "Regan"

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(Ch. Gwyndara Double Impact ex Ch. Tramore Elixir)